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4 Reviews for “LeoPalace Golf Course Guam”
  1. July 9th, 2011
    Phil Says:

    LeoPalace has the most gorgeous golf resorts on Guam. I also like that after a round at the links there are the restaurants and lounges nearby. Great place to socialize with business clients.

  2. May 27th, 2011
    Mike Says:

    LeoPalace Golf Course was one of my favorite places in Guam. I am a golf enthusiast and I found this place as well managed, wide, and has great staff.

  3. April 20th, 2011
    Steven Says:

    I was here couple of days ago, and for sure I will come back. Their golf course is unbelievable! It’s world class 36-hole golf course made up of four 9-hole courses that run through scenic valleys, hills, and wetlands of Manenggon Hills.

  4. June 2nd, 2010
    Lacey Says:

    Thanks to LeoPalace Golf Course. I enjoyed my short break because of your impeccable place and staff.

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