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Best Golf in Guam. Guam Golf. guam travel, Guam is genuinely one of the best golfers’ paradise among the seven world-class golf courses designed by renowned U.S. and Japanese golf greats. Guam people are ready to compete in different level of acquisition and expertise. The best-known golf course in central Guam consists of four 9-hole courses considering the design of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer is named as Leo Palace golf resort. Three of the noted gold clubs and resorts iin Guam includes the Country Club of the Pacific; Guam International Country Club and Windward Hills Country Club.
Guam’s Golf courses are far-famed in the entire world for their breathless vicinity of cleanly aided land sites supported atop ocean cliffs with exciting views in Pacific ocean and greens enclosed by abundant ttropical jungles. Most of the golf courses are 18 holes with their own professionals, personal unique character , attractiveness and specialty shops. Mangilao Country Club and golf course, located atop cliffs, is considered extraordinarily exciting and magnificent because of the impressive views of Pacific Ocean. All golf courses in Guam can be visited by anyone who wants to experience golfing. They welcome and serve visitors at all level skills from beginner to professional. The greens fees begins at eight dollars ($80) which includes the cart that will be used as transportation inside the golf course. All the transit can be set by the golf course or the hotel. The trip is no more than 20 minutes away from any major hotels in Guam via car. Anyone who visit the golf course can enjoy the experience of golfing and the scenery of the place. Guam Golf | z 12:23 am | Tuesday, October 27, 2009 | HotGuam-Fun | 0:23 | | 2009, October 27, Tuesday | guam vacation, 0:23 | Tuesday, October 27th, 2009 | 12:23 am