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3 Reviews for “Temco Flight Tours Guam”
  1. May 27th, 2011
    flyithigh Says:

    It was definitely worth my every penny. Flying over Guam for the first time was completely an extraordinary moment for me. It was a mix emotion of being nervous, thrilled, and happy at the same time. This is my top recommendation to anyone that can afford.

  2. October 27th, 2010
    Karen Says:

    I never knew about Temco Flight Tours until I was invited by a new generous pal.

    Even though the trip was not for long, it was absolutely a blast. I got to see the island from a new point of view I’ve never seen before. It was really an awesome experience.

  3. October 30th, 2009
    Marco Says:

    Although the ticket can be a little bit expensive, that’s if you’re an adult (kids get in half price), this is definitely an Uber experience for Guam. Although they cater mostly to tourists here, I think that most locals would benefit from getting to see the beautiful island from thousands of feet above.

    They do a bunch of different plane Tours of the island, you can check out all the different tour routes that they do on their website. Whatever you do, I highly recommend at least flying over Tumon and Two Lover’s point.

    Although they do some pilot training, I was more interested in seeing Guam from so high. I would totally recommend bringing your camcorder as you can capture some of the most beautiful sites that should never otherwise be able to see.

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