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3 Reviews for “SMS Cormoran (Diving) Guam”
  1. June 2nd, 2011
    Brent Says:

    Just an additional tip to all divers out there who plans to dive at this site soon.

    Do not enter any shipwreck without the proper training and equipment. Six divers have paid the ultimate price of their lives while diving inside wrecks here on Guam. Do not breathe the air trapped inside the wreck. It can be very toxic! –

  2. October 29th, 2010
    Melvin Says:

    This dive site is named after a German armed merchant raider which is the same ship that you would see on your dive.

    According to our nice and professional dive instructor, the captain of this SMS Cormoran decided to scuttled the ship than to turn it over to the Americans. There were 13 crew members who got buried with full military honors together with this ship.

    It was amazing that I enjoyed my dive and learned some new stuff.

  3. August 28th, 2010
    Drixie Says:

    I highly suggest this dive site to Nitrox divers like me since its average depth is just between 80-110 feet only.

    It was such an interesting dive for me which will not be forgotten.

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