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Best Dance (Cultural) Show in Guam. Guam Dance (Cultural) Show. guam travel, It’s good to know that even at the present, Chamorro dance is being practice in the island of Guam. Not only that, they used this dance to promote their place to tourist, making each show as an attraction to every visitor. We all know that Guam has been to many, long, and varying colonization of different countries. For this reason, their indigenous Chamorro culture was drastically affected. Though much of their local language retained, indigenous arts and dance to be specific disappeared and were replaced by Spanish influenced styles. The concept of the native Chamorro dance was revived by Francisco “Frank” B. Rabon. He was recognized and awarded as the master of Chamorro dance by the governor of Guam for his inspiring act. Though Frank was not really exposed to any indigenous dance until he went to college, this situation didn’t stop him to experiment with the forms of Chamorro dance which he took from historical documents and dances from other Pacific islands. Whether you’re planning to visit Guam soon or you’re in the island now and you’re looking to see a cultural Chamorro dance shows, you can visit some of the places below: Onward Beach Resort BBQ
Hilton Tropics BBQ Dinner Show
FishEye Polynesian Dinner Show Guam Dance (Cultural) Show | z 10:54 pm | Sunday, January 4, 2009 | HotGuam-Fun | 23:13 | | 2009, January 4, Sunday | guam vacation, 22:54 | Sunday, January 4th, 2009 | 11:13 pm