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Best Sunset BBQ (Barbecue) in Guam. Guam Sunset BBQ (Barbecue). guam travel, Who doesn’t love BBQ (barbeque or barbecue)? I guess almost everyone love it. BBQ is a term that we can use to either the meat itself or to the method of cooking. Most of the time outdoor environment calls for some barbeque party, where cooking and smoking the meat over a charcoal or a wood could be much more convenient over any process of cooking. Either a simple dinner, a family gathering or just to hang up with friends outdoors, we can say that BBQ has always been present. If you have been to the island of Guam and had enough chance to visit some of their restaurants or food chains, you will notice that many of these restaurants either up-scale or simple offers barbeque to their menu. Most of them happen during a local or cultural shows and presentations outdoor where customers/tourists can enjoy the view of the sunset or the romantic breeze of the cold night. Pacific Fantasy and Fisheye Polynesian are just few of the well-known restaurants that serve barbeque on their dinner shows. Even hotels like Marriott and Sheraton do this since barbeque has been the islander’s favorite food and is considered to be one of their delicacies. Guam Sunset BBQ (Barbecue) | z 10:54 pm | Sunday, January 4, 2009 | HotGuam-Fun | 23:13 | | 2009, January 4, Sunday | guam vacation, 22:54 | Sunday, January 4th, 2009 | 11:13 pm