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Best Beaches in Guam. Guam Beaches. guam travel, Guam Beaches are one of the ultimate tourist spot attractions in this place. Tourists coming from different sides of the globe do not want to miss the chance to feel the splendor of Guam’s beaches. Travelers come and stay as they want to glance and sense the beauty of the beaches here. Guam beaches from diverse locations subsist in their tropical reputation. The climate here is truly modest and consistent that makes this place a very pleasant spot for various extraordinary outdoor activities. Lots of activities the visitors can do and enjoy here includes sunbathing, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling, because lots of coral reefs and life under water can be seen, and kite boarding due to its favorable wind condition. A nice view is also can be seen as the white sand meets turquoise water along the wide beach area. For sure, there would be no any dull moment when you visit Guam beaches because of its lovely scenery and favorable climate. One of the most popular beaches in Guam includes Fai Fai Beach, which is located north of Tumon Bay but protected from the chaos of the city lifestyle of Tumon. Fai Fai’s beach is an excellent get-a-way for those visitors who don’t mind less visited spots; Fai Fai (a part of Gun Beach) is a private eco-cultural draw back that features a fine-looking sandy beach, a place for snorkeling because of its reefs and life under water, and coconut trees for shade. To arrive at Faifai’s beach, it calls for a short hike along Gun beach and around a small trail that goes around a cliff for about 5 to 10 minutes. Other beaches that you can see in Guam would be:
Asan Beach
Dadi Beach
Double Reef Beach
Gab Gab
Gun Beach
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