Guam Cave Exploring (Spelunking)

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Pagat Cave

Pagat Cave Guam

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Orote Point

Orote Point Guam

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Best Cave Exploring (Spelunking) in Guam. Guam Cave Exploring (Spelunking). Guam attractions, To anyone who’s not yet familiar with the word spelunking, according to Merriam Webster it is “the hobby or practice of exploring caves”. More common word would be caving (United States or potholing (United Kingdom). I hope you wont get confuse with this word and with speleology which is the scientific study of caves and its environment. Spelunking is a challenging adventure that could vary depending on the cave a tourist or traveler’s visiting. Mostly, the more complex the cave is the more they (cavers) like it. Caving is like mountaineering or diving which is an outdoor activity that generally focuses on exploration and physical enhancement. Somehow cavers do relate this hobby to science (physical or biological science). Though spelunking is fun, this could be a dangerous activity too specially if the cave is virgin and to difficult to enter. Main risks can be falling, flooding, exhaustion, and hypothermia. Here comes expertise and discipline. Cavers, either new or tenure should always follow rules and practice such as wearing the right and needed equipment in every exploration. To protect head from falling rocks or bumps, hard hats should be worn. Electric lights are vital and proper clothing needs to be followed. There are several caves that you could visit in the island of Guam such as Orote Point, Talafofo Caves, and Pagat Cave. Guam Cave Exploring (Spelunking) | z 7:23 pm | Monday, October 26, 2009 | HotGuam-Fun | 20:12 | | 2009, October 26, Monday | guam vacation, 19:23 | Monday, October 26th, 2009 | 8:12 pm