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  1. April 22nd, 2009
    Joe Says:

    Sigua Falls is the largest water falls on Guam. Actually “Sigua” means 9 in ancient Chamorro counting system.

    Maisa, Hugua, Tulu, Fatfat, Lima Gunum, Fito, Gualo, Sigua.

    There are 9 waterfalls in total that stretch along one river.

    The hike is not for the weak. It can take up to 2 hours just to get there, and if you are going to the largest falls (the one shown in the video) be prepared to traverse a rope down a muddy hill.

    But once you get to the bottom, it is worth the work. I highly recommend making this hike, if it is possible for you.

    Bring a friend, and make sure to tell someone before you leave to the hike.

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