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5 Reviews for “Pacific Islands Club Guam Guam”
  1. July 28th, 2014
    Brandon Lim Says:

    How much it cost to do wind-surfing a day in PIC?

    Actually, I don’t stay in PIC now.

  2. December 31st, 2011
    larry Says:

    like to know more about the windsurfing on guam

  3. May 17th, 2011
    Jasmine Says:

    We had a ocean view room which has a balcony along with a view that was fabulous. We relaxed the day at one of their many pools where we pampered with poolside drinks, food,dry towels including few, nice servers to help us with our every need. We ate at one of the hotel’s restaurants. The service was impeccable and each dish we ordered was superb. My kids can’t wait to return again! In addition you might just run into a celebrity or two…

  4. June 13th, 2010
    Christian Says:

    Pacific Islands Club is my best pick among all other hotels in the island. I could’t ask for more from this hotel. I just have all that I needed here. Good for both locals and foreigners.

  5. October 9th, 2009
    Adrinne Says:

    This hotel is simply one of the best places I have ever been to. We’re glad we made the right choice of booking here for our first trip at Guam. I will recommend this to everyone, best for either a business or a leisure trip.

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