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Best Ordot - Chalan Pago Activities in Guam. Guam Ordot - Chalan Pago Activities. guam travel, Chalan Pago is a Chamorro word that means “Pago Road.” Chalan Pago refers to the area traveled through to get from Hagatna to Pago, which may lend to the naming of the area, which is covered with Pago trees. Ordot village seems to have originated in the nineteenth century. The village name is derived from the Chamorro word otdot, meaning “ant.” Some residents believe that the name was given to the area because the type of soil there is attractive to certain types of ants. The municipality the villages extend throughout the narrow “waist” of the island of Guam. Their housing areas are built mostly along Route 4. These villages are strategically located on the dividing line between the mostly volcanic southern half of the island and the mostly limestone northern half of the island. The result is a diverse and rugged topography characterized by wetland areas, low hills, small valleys, and streams that seem to disappear into the ground. The area is covered with lush green vegetation and homes are built on flat areas of land at times next to small valleys. Since World War II, the area has become home to two tight knit village communities as well as several new housing subdivisions. Guam Ordot – Chalan Pago | z 10:28 pm | Saturday, December 6, 2008 | HotGuam-Fun | 22:28 | | 2008, December 6, Saturday | guam vacation, 22:28 | Saturday, December 6th, 2008 | 10:28 pm