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Condo in Quezon City
Best Agana Heights Activities in Guam. Guam Agana Heights Activities. guam travel, Agana Heights or Tutujan (derived from the Chamorro word tutuhon which means to begin, set out or start.), is in the hills south of Hagatna (formerly called Agana) in the central part of Guam. This village was a resettlement community for many residents of old Hagåtña after World War II ended in 1944. The population of Agana Heights is approximately 5200 according US census in year 2000. Before World War II, this village was generally a farm land for its resident. It was also the site for the Spanish militia’s lookout for incoming ships and possible danger to the island. This site today is called the Fort Santa Agueda or also known as Fort Apugan and is now a famous tourist spot because of its great panoramic view. Today, the village consists primarily of older single-family homes and apartments. Agana Heights is home to the Apugan Villa Condo and the Cliff Condo. The US Naval Hospital is also located in Agana Heights. Also, it is the home for Guam’s oldest organizations like the Elks Club and the Shriners Club. East Agana fronts the Philippine Sea and consists primarily of commercial and retail businesses. It is located between the capital of Hagatna and the village of Tamuning Alupang Beach Tower (a major high end beachfront condominium) is located in this part of Agana. Guam Agana Heights | z 10:37 pm | Saturday, December 6, 2008 | HotGuam-Fun | 22:37 | | 2008, December 6, Saturday | guam vacation, 22:37 | Saturday, December 6th, 2008 | 10:37 pm