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Angsana Spa

Angsana Spa Guam

Phone: +1 671 646 2222 ext. 2500/2501 (Sheraton Guam)

+1 671 648 1680 (Marriott Guam Hotel)

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Mandara Spa Guam

Phone: 649-7611

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Best Hotel Spa in Guam. Guam Hotel Spa. guam travel, Spas have been everywhere now. Health and wellness businesses like spa are very popular and in demand the last few years. Maybe because people have started to realized the importance and benefits or taking care one’s self. The term spa is related with water treatment and is almost associated with massage but is not limited to that. Spa offers various treatments that focus on rejuvenation, relaxation, and pampering aside from the health advantage it automatically gives to its patrons. Spas can be located in most hotels, salons, resorts and more. It is a non-medical treatment procedure that targets body relaxation and relief from stress.
Imagine yourself (body and mind) burned out from all the busy schedules, workloads, and stress from our daily lives without enough rest. Vacations are absolutely a great help but not every can offer this or time won’t allow them to do so. This could be the best chance to relax and have some break in a spa. There are many benefits from having proper spa treatments and below are the lists of it:
Soothing our tired muscles
Improving flexibility of our body
Healing emotional distress
Reducing high blood pressure and hypertension
Enhancing spiritual awareness
Reducing weight and weight-related problems
Reduce the effects of ageing
Reducing insomnia, stress and fatigue
Toning and nourishing the skin
Detoxifying our body
Increase the body’s energy flow
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