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Best Windsurfing in Guam. Guam Windsurfing. visit Guam, The best-known surface water sport that unites elements of surfing and sailing is named as Windsurfing or sail boarding. It usually consists of a two to four meters long board, which is powered-driven by the extraneous wind effect on a sail. The gear is attached to the board through a free-rotating universal joint which includes a mast, sail and wishbone boom. The sail area extends from less than 3.0 m2 to more than 12 m2 depending on the ability of the sailor and the variety of windsurfing being set about. Newman Darby of Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania, USA is the person behind the chronicle of windsurfing when he invented the sailboard in 1948. He is remarkably known as the father of both sail boarding and windsurfing despite that he did not manifest his innovation. It is learned that Windsurfing exercised both the laid-back culture of surf sports and the more rules-based environment of sailing. A windsurfing offers more than the scope of any sailing craft design despite that it is viewed as a minimalistic edition of a sailboat. Windsurfers can do different movements such as inverted loops, jumps, and other “freestyle” motions that cannot be performed by any sailboat. For the accomplishment, windsurfers were the first to drive the world’s largest waves, much as Jaws located in Maui Island. Guam Windsurfing | z 5:36 am | Sunday, January 4, 2009 | HotGuam-Fun | 23:37 | | 2009, October 11, Sunday | guam vacation, 5:36 | Sunday, October 11th, 2009 | 11:37 pm