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Best Ocean Boat Trip (Snorkeling) in Guam. Guam Ocean Boat Trip (Snorkeling). Guam companies, Snorkeling is swimming on or through a body of water (generally not too deep), equipped with a diving mask, swimfins and a shaped tube called snorkel. Snorkeling is a famous recreational activity and is not considered as a sport but as leisure since it is non-competitive. In general, snorkeling is practice to observe and appreciate aquatic organisms like algae and fish or to look at coral and rock formations. Snorkeling doesn’t require special training or gears, only the ability to swim and breathe through the snorkel and that’s it. However, for safety reasons, some orientation and instruction from a tour guide, a fellow experienced snorkeler, and dive shop or equipment-rental personnel is highly recommended. To thoroughly enjoy snorkeling, don’t forget to hire or get a boat trip service that you can rely on. They sure have an experience snorkeler person that could teach you. Hiring such private yachts or boats can be more convenient and private especially if you’re in a group. It’s better to check your options by asking friends, they refer you to reliable boat trip services that will cater your needs. It that doesn’t apply to you, have a look online and check feedbacks from tourists so you could chose the best boat trip service. Guam Ocean Boat Trip (Snorkeling) | z 9:25 am | Monday, December 29, 2008 | HotGuam-Fun | 19:26 | | 2009, October 2, Friday | guam vacation, 9:25 | Friday, October 2nd, 2009 | 7:26 pm