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Best Boat Trip in Guam. Guam Boat Trip. school in Guam, Boat trip (also known as boat tour) is a short tour in a small boat or yacht taken for tourism. Typically, the tour will start and end in the same place, and generally finishes in less than a day. It is the opposite of cruising since it happens to large ships and will take few days and even weeks with accommodations in cabins. Guam has been offering boat tripping services for long now. This activity is very ideal to group of tourists that would like their tour to be more private and convenient. Most of the time boat trips are for fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving. Nevertheless, boat trip services are not limited to that especially for private yachts. They can even cater dolphin watching and ocean cruise with cocktail parties. Boat tour is definitely one of the best activities any tourist can try. Either they are in Guam or to some other countries that has pretty beaches like Thailand and the Philippines. Below are the lists of available boat tours or boat trips in the island: Ocean Jet Club
Heritage Boat Charters
Guam Yachting Vacations
Lucky Strike Sport Fishing
Fishook Fishing Charter Boat
Dejavu Diving Guam
Sea Turtle Sunset Cruise
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