Guam Boat Activity (Banana Boat)

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Best Boat Activity (Banana Boat) in Guam. Guam Boat Activity (Banana Boat). Guam travel guide, Riding a Banana boat is a different enormous episode to do in the island of Guam. Going on a Banana boat is an extraordinary breathtaking activity but a fun and exciting experience that gives you an adrenalin rush. The good thing about this activity is you don’t have to bring anything but yourself. All protective gears are packaged on this activity. You will be given protective life jacket, wet suits, and a spongy helmet to keep you safe of any mad dives in the water. You begin to step onto the inflated Banana boat eagerly, the tug-boat grumbles and the Banana Boat started to move forward. You are being swiftly moved onward as you are likely dragged into space in just 30mph but in reality, it’s only about 10mph.The Banana Boat progressively skews sideways that makes you to quickly fall off the water but fate would save you as it changes its’ course and the Banana boat leap back onto the water. After some rotations, you would sense the rapidity since the driver starts to drive it faster and the Banana boat abruptly tips over and you’ll see yourself thrown unto the water! The enthusiasm and adrenaline makes you jump onto the Banana boat quickly and shout for more! Guam Boat Activity (Banana Boat) | z 2:02 am | Monday, December 29, 2008 | HotGuam-Fun | 23:33 | | 2009, October 11, Sunday | guam vacation, 2:02 | Sunday, October 11th, 2009 | 11:33 pm