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2 Reviews for “Breezes Sunset BBQ Guam”
  1. June 9th, 2011
    Allan Says:

    We had the chance to dine here and watch their cultural show. My friend just invited me and my partner so I really don’t know how much it cost him. It was a fair show and their food was just fine. I think it is more of who are you with that will make you appreciate in this place.

  2. October 30th, 2009
    Jelly Says:

    This is the one at the Hyatt Guam Regency. Of all the sunset barbecues (which have become very popular among tourists) this is one of the cheaper options.

    Unfortunately, what you get is what you pay for. Although you are beachside which is awesome, the show isn’t as good as the one at PIC or the FishEye one (my personal fave).

    It’s a good option if you are a tourist, but if you just want the show then I would recommend the Pacific Fantasy show at PIC.

    If you love seafood though, then I would recommend the FishEye show as they have the best seafood dishes, and a super awesome show as well.

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